PPG launches $10 million ‘Colorful Communities’ charitable giving initiative
Paint Your Future at PPG Architectural Coatings
A Fortune 200 company, PPG is comprised of 13 different strategic business units, each providing a whole spectrum of employment opportunities. With an endless variety of disciplines, locations, and customer markets, we're confident you'll find the job you are looking for. Join our team today!
I value the emphasis that PPG places on quality. Everyone I work with understands how important it is that they do their best. I take pride in my work, and I know that my colleagues do too.
My time at PPG has been great so far. It feels good to work alongside other creative people. We all love what we're doing!
At the end of the day, I know that I've helped my customers. I love that I can share my ideas and make a meaningful difference.
As a manager, I like that I have the autonomy to really make my own decisions and guide my team. Having such a great group of people to work with doesn't hurt either!
I started working with PPG right out of school. It's incredible how much I have learned while working here! I never thought I would progress to this level in just a few years.
I had worked in this industry for years, and from day one I could tell that PPG was different. My colleagues were supportive and friendly - I immediately felt like part of the team.
It has been so refreshing to have a manager who actually listens to my ideas! I know that I can actually help my team be successful.
I have always had a creative side, and my job with PPG lets me express that. The technology behind the paint is quite interesting, and I love that I get to spend my day working to find the perfect colors.
I am in college and working part-time with PPG. They have been so accommodating - my schedule here is flexible and I am able to balance my work with my studies.
The training program here is excellent. I could tell that my trainer was excited to teach us how to do a great job, and I appreciated that everyone was happy to answer my questions.
PPG is a very people-centered company, and that's absolutely reflected in the facility they chose. There are all sorts of amenities, and it just makes my life easier.
I think people forget what a difference a great office can make. Everything is bright and new - I feel like I'm working in the future!
This place was designed with convenience in mind! There is a gym, a great cafeteria and a daycare on site. It's so comforting to know that I have all of this available to me!
I think there is an assumption that corporate offices have to be monotonous - ours is the exact opposite. It's bright and colorful, which makes it a great place to get some work done. It's really inviting.
I just love everything about our new office, from the bright natural light and state of the art equipment, to the location and the useful amenities. I feel so lucky to be working here!
Passionate about customer service? Put your people skills to good use, and help our customers to color their lives!
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If you have a talent for growing business, we need you! You'll be responsible for introducing our wide range of architectural coatings and sundry items to industry builders and contractors.
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Help 4,000+ independently owned dealers market and sell PPG's line of great products.
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Assist 10 or more DIY Big Box stores in your geographic area as they promote and sell PPG products to end users.
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From manufacturing to distribution, the Supply Chain team is focused on transforming raw materials into PPG's superior products.
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We take pride in our process. Our diligent manufacturing team makes sure that the products we sell are second to none.
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From HR to IT, our dedicated support team keeps PPG running. Join us - we can't do it without you!
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